Vi ser video som en helhed

Forbrugsvaner og attituder ændrer sig som aldrig før, og det har derfor aldrig været vigtigere for brands at være strategisk funderet. Hos Vedio mener vi, at helstøbte brands kræver helstøbte løsninger.

En god overskrift

The customer isn’t going to walk through the journey by themselves. At every stage, they’ll need different kinds of content to guide them through and support their decision-making process, and video is the perfect medium to do it! Let’s break it down, stage by stage!

Fem strategier på kunderejsen

En engagerende måde at pleje dette forhold på er at inkorporere informativt videoindhold under hele kunderejsen. Er du ikke sikker på, hvilke typer videoer du skal oprette for hvert trin?


Når du effektivt ud til dine målgrupper?

The awareness stage can be tricky. Your potential customer isn’t really looking for something to buy yet, but they have a growing need.

Our strategy at this stage ise to identify the customer’s buyer persona and go after that. We understand their interests, the kind of content they consume, and their motivation to make a purchase.

The best type of content for this early stage is low-commitment, informative content designed with your ideal customer in mind. The aim is to position your brand where they’ll come across it. One of the ways to do that is by creating exciting, relevant content built around your shared interests.

Create attention-grabbing videos that answer questions that tap into the things you’ve got in common. Outdoor gear store REI does a fantastic job of creating great videos for this stage of the purchase funnel.

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Gør kunder til superfans

You’ve introduced yourself, and your potential customer knows who you are. At this point, your supporting content needs to dig a little deeper.

Create a list of questions your customers ask, and create videos that answer them, focusing on one question at a time. Offer a few different options that include your product, but don’t focus on it completely. This builds trust. It introduces the customer to your product while showing them you’re interested in helping them find the best solution for their needs instead of just pushing your product. This works best for brands that compete on more than just price.

Play around with the video format. You can create how-to videos, guides, or even trailers.

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Savner du mere engagement?

The customer is pretty confident you’ve got what they need. Right now, you’re competing with the other brands in their top options list. Supporting content for this stage is all about differentiating yourself from the group.

Create short video tutorials and show potential customers how your product solves their issues. To make these even more effective, include testimonials from real customers. Adding a sprinkling of social proofreminds them that your product’s been tested by their peers.

You can also create video case studies that highlight the benefits of using your product, and share real data from your customers. This style of video is particularly effective if you share tangible results tied into a story of success. The numbers are important, but the key selling point is the fact that your product helped another customer achieve their dream.

Most purchases fit into the overarching narrative of our lives. A pair of running shoes aren’t just footwear. They’re a means to get fit and live the life you want. Use video to show potential customers how your product fits into the story of their lives.

Remember, this is the big one! Every video made for this stage needs to have a strong call to action.

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Arbejder du på at få flere leads eller øge salget?

For more complicated products, short explainer videos that take the customer through each stage can be really helpful.

Your key goal here is to keep the customer from bouncing and guide them through the last few hurdles. Be supportive and clear, and highlight those solutions. Buying things can be a pain. Your job is to motivate the customer through the pain so they can reap the reward.

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Vil du fastholde dine kunder?

Cultivating loyalty starts immediately after the purchase. There are a number of different ways a loyalty program can be structured – through points, stamps, coupons or even through paid programs (like Amazon Prime). Videos can be used to augment customer loyalty in each of these cases. For example, you can create a thank-you video that thanks the customer for their purchase and tells them what’s going to happen next. Ideally, you have an email nurturing campaign set up in your CRM (customer relationship management) that’s ready to support them and start building loyalty.

Video is a great tool to use during your nurturing campaigns. You can create advanced guides that show your customers how they can make the most of your product. This highlights your dedication to their experience and continues building trust.

You can also create videos around product updates and other customer success stories.

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Keep the cycle going

The customer’s journey doesn’t end. It’s a constant cycle, much like getting fit or eating healthy.

Video content can help strengthen your relationship with existing customers, and increase retention rates. This is the same whether you’re video marketing b2b or direct to consumer. It’s a powerful way to improve your purchase funnel and get those conversion rates up.

Ready to make your first video for the purchase funnel? Why not try one of our free templates today?

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